Fine dining, quality service, and always an outstanding meal have been the keys to ours success.

Restaurant Casa Loma is one of the top culinary jewels in Mazatlán. 44 years after its founder, Don Pancho Urrea, created the "House on the Hill", he would be pleased to know that it is the preferred dining place of the families of Mazatlan, as well as visiting families from all countries of the world. Those guests that accompany us at our tables will see that is sons, Ramon, Eduardo and Francisco, have preserved it in its tradition. Casa Loma is the best option for those lovers of fine food, quality beverages and great service!

Casa Loma is truly an unique place in Mazatlan. Its interior, finished in dark woods and beautiful red velvet upholstery, offers an atmosphere of relaxed elegance to those who enjoy fine European style dining. The exterior Mexican/Spanish style patio, offers fine dining in a more relaxed, casual atmosphere. These two choices of dining options have made Casa Loma known by its distinguished customers as "the place to dine in Mazatlan".

During its 41 years, Casa Loma has maintained a "state of the art" kitchen sanctioned by Master European Chefs. Chefs Oscar & Antonio under the teaching of Chayito (Chef Rosario Samudio) creates exquisite menus, which become the subject of local gossip. Their creations are guaranteed to be freshly prepared for each order. It is impossible for us to accurately describe his offerings; we can only invite you to come visit us for an unforgettable dining experience. Restaurant Casa Loma is located on Gaviotas Ave. # 104, in the Gaviotas District of the Golden Zone. Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México.

Yours is the first dinner I have each time I visit Mazatlan, and last week was no exception. Again, the food was

Chris Clark

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